VIDEO: Music in Xochimilco

As I’ve already written, we went to Xochimilco (pronounced So-Chee-Milk-Oh) last week. I’ve already posted a video of Mariachis there.

Basically, you get on a large, flat, covered boat with your group. There’s a table in the middle where you can eat. You pay to go down the canal, and while you’re on the canal, there are lots of things you can do.

You can stop and go to a restaurant. You can order food from the floating vendors. Or you can pay mariachis to play or listen to marimba music. You can also stop on the side and shop for plants and flowers.

It’s a lot of fun. Check out the video. If you can’t see it in this post, check it out by clicking here.

A Day in Xochimilco

A Day in Xochimilco

Yesterday, we went to Xochimilco with our friends, the Torberts, their family, and Joel, a missionary in England (who used to live in Mexico City). We had a great time on the boats, listening to Mariachi music and eating quesadillas and other great Mexican food.

Xochimilco is a great place to go (despite the traffic to get there from the north end of the city), and it’s really fun if you want to experience Mexican culture.

Here are some pictures of Xochimilco, Mexico.

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It cost us 160 pesos to rent the boat for an hour, and the vendors come alongside you in their own boat selling drinks, food, and entertainment. It’s like a Mexican Venice. We had a blast!