The Best Ending to a Concert

The Best Ending to a Concert

Third Day is doing a blog carnival on their blog, so I thought I’d write about my favorite live experience with them.

The thing I remember most about one of the concerts I went to in Florida was the way it ended. Usually, you go to a concert and the band leaves after a wildly popular song and comes back to do an encore when the crowd yells for them. But not at this concert.

Third Day ended this particular concert with a worship set, and the last song was “Agnus Dei.” The lights went down as the crowd sang along with the band. Then it was just the crowd repeating the phrase, “You are Holy.” It was a meaningful worshipful experience.

I opened my eyes and realized that the band had left the stage. It was just us, worshiping the One that the concert was really about – God. Third Day successfully made that concerto about Him and not about the band.

(Image by magbug on flickr)