Videos of Life In Mexico

Videoblogging Week 2009 finished up last week. I tried to participate as much as I could, and like Steve Garfield says, many videos end up in different places. They don’t all make it to the videoblog because they don’t all fit the Mexico Movies theme.

Some are family videos, and some don’t have anything to do with life in Mexico. Some get posted to Qik and others get posted to Facebook or Vimeo.


For what it’s worth, here are the videos I made for videoblogging week 2009:

Day 1 – Tequila in Mexico (Mexico Movies)
Day 2 – Los Voladores (Mexico Movies)
Day 3 – Tacos al Pastor (Mexico Movies)
Day 4 – Bus Ride in Mexico City (Mexico Movies)
Day 5 – Dancing (via qik)
Day 6 – Nathan’s first time Bowling (Vimeo and Facebook)
Day 7 – Iztapalapa Passion Play (via qik)