Our Family This Week

Our Family This Week

I got back from my grandmother’s funeral on Monday night. Tuesday we packed all of our stuff up so we could drive to Miami on Wednesday. On the way, we stopped in and saw some of our family (my cousin just had a baby).

Then we stayed in a hotel on Wednesday night and flew out on Thursday morning. We arrive in Mexico City on Thursday afternoon just in time to attend a Mexican Independence Day celebration at the seminary.

On Friday, I met my new youth ministry students and had a meeting with Huberto for 3 hours.

Here are some pictures from the hectic last week.

Ben in the hotel room Nathan in the hotel room
In the hotel

Ben in his lounge chair SANY1594

Nathan and Ben in our house in Mexico SANY1593
Fun at the house in Mexico

We’ve Landed

Just wanted to write a quick update saying that we are in Mexico City safely. We just haven’t had internet at the house. I will update everyone as soon as I can get a few spare moments.