What’s More Dangerous?

In this article about the Swine Flu, many people say that the hysteria over the flu is more dangerous than the flu itself. I’ve wondered the same thing.

I’ve read some opinions that the Mexican government created the hysteria so that people wouldn’t focus on the bad economy. I wonder why they would do that if Mexico City stands to lose something like 85 million dollars a day because of the Swine Flu.

I’ve also heard people say, “What’s the big deal about 19 deaths due to the flu when thousands die each year from seasonal flu?” Good question. I guess it’s because it’s a new strain that we weren’t sure if we could treat appropriately. It’s also expanding around the world.

Then I think about the World Health Organization. Aren’t they the ones who decide if something is a pandemic or not? If so, they must know something I don’t know or they are way off on this one.

Anyway, contemplating this while sitting in my house in Mexico City gives me something to do while I wait for the decisions from the government about schools and businesses opening this week.

How Swine Flu Began

I’m not sure how Swine Flu jumped from pigs to humans, but here’s one theory:

Just so you know, I don’t think Swine Flu is a laughing matter. I am praying that the outbreak is controlled and that nobody else has to suffer from it, and I am praying for the families of those who have lost loved ones as a result of it.

I just thought the picture was cute.

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Swine Flu Photos

While the experts debate the effectiveness of masks to help prevent the spread of swine flu, there is no doubt that people all over Mexico are wearing them.

Here are some humorous photos I’ve found that help relieve a little of the tension during the pandemic.

Benito Juarez thinks a mask will help him (via: Pura vida)

The owner of this car isn’t taking chances (via: Ana Maria Salazar)

While you’re at it, you can learn how to make your own anti-swine flu mask.

Here’s an example of how not to wear a mask (Check the photo).

Oh, and I took this at out Walmart pharmacy last night. It says, “Dear Customer, for the moment we do not have masks. They are sold out. Thank you.”

We are out of masks