A Note from a Student

I came home last Saturday from a long day of training in downtown Mexico City, opened my email, and saw that one of my students had sent me a message.

It was from Kareny, a first year student in the Bachelor’s degree program at the Seminary. (Pictured in the middle with her fiance Josue and Huberto, the youth pastor of her church).

She had just come home from a youth event at her church, where she was able to see God impact the lives of various of the young people with whom she is working. She was writing us to tell us about it, and she said:

“Dennis, today I lived one of those things that make you feel that nothing else matters besides ministry. I thank God for calling me (into the ministry) and for having called you and Huberto…

Thanks, Dennis, for being here with us. Thank you for obeying your calling; God has brought many blessings to all of us because of it. Thanks to your wife for supporting you; she is an example. Thank you for being in Mexico. Thanks for having so much patience. Thanks for dedicating time to us. Thanks for understanding us. Thanks for praying praying for us. Thanks for sharing the knowledge that God has given you. Thank you for everything.

May God richly bless you, your wife, and your children.”

Receiving that message made me think of you. Without your prayer and support, we would not be here. We all play a part in what God is doing in the ministries of our students. He is doing great things both in their lives and the lives of the young people with whom they work. Thank you for praying and supporting this ministry.

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