Diploma in Youth Ministry – Round 2

Diploma in Youth Ministry – Round 2

Today we started a new group in our Youth Ministry diploma program at the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary. There are 7 new students in the program, bringing our total to 13. Huberto is teaching them “Principles of Youth Ministry,” which is our basic philosophy class.

We’ve decided that one of the best ways to do some training is to make it semi-formal. Basically, these classes are close to the equivalent to a youth ministry conference. They are kind of a mix between a conference and a class, focused on practical concepts and principles that will help youth workers in their local church youth ministries.

Each course is 16 hours long, which we do over 4 weeks. It’s a fun way to train youth workers, and it helps reach out to those who may not yet be able to come to the Seminary full-time.

The diploma program helps us reach our goal of recruiting, networking, training, and supporting youth workers in Latin America.

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Search & Win

Seminary Freshman

From left to right: Deborah, Josue, Kareni, Huberto (professor), Gerson, Victoria

As I posted before (click here for earlier post), we have the largest freshman class of youth ministry students in the history of the program.

We worked really hard last year to promote the youth ministry program at the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary by going to various conferences, camps, and youth events.

While five new students may not seem like many, it is a pretty good sized class considering that our seminary welcomed 13 new freshman this year (only 8 students weren’t youth ministry students).

I’m excited about this year. We now have 14 total students studying youth ministry in Mexico City. Please keep praying for us.

Youth Ministry Freshmen 2008

Youth Ministry Freshmen 2008

Today is the first day of classes at the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary. The Center for Youth Ministry has the largest incoming freshman class that we’ve had in the five years of our existence. There are (at least) five new youth ministry students entering this year out of a freshman class of 13.

I’m excited because we really worked hard the last year to promote the youth ministry training program at various events throughout the country. Our students are spreading the word about one of the only bachelor’s degree programs for youth ministry in Latin America (link to Spanish website).

Below you’ll find the list of names of the freshmen youth ministry students. Please pray for them by name.

2008 Youth Ministry Freshmen Class

  • Victoria Castro Vázquez from Teziutlan, Puebla
  • Gerson Hernandez Vázquez from Teziutlan, Puebla
  • Josue Misael Lara Vázquez from Monterrey
  • Kareni Sadai Méndez Galván from Monterrey
  • Débora Osobampo Martinez from Sinaloa

Also be praying for the other youth ministry students who are beginning classes this week at the seminary. I’ll post more about each of them in the future. It’s going to be a great year of ministry.