Getting our Visas

Old skool cameraYesterday we spent the day downtown with our lawyer to get our visas. The process is a little different this year because we are renewing them completely since we’ve been her 5 years now. We renew them every year, but we only have to get new pictures and sign more papers every 5 years.

We went to this little place to get our pictures taken and to get the official paperwork filled out. The camera they use to take those pictures is really old.

Uploaded - 114�8We had to get a front shot and a profile shot for each of us. Ben’s turned out great. Nathan didn’t want to take a picture. Mine and Janell’s make us look pretty mean, too.

Our lawyer had to hang around for a little while to get a paper for someone else, so we went to Starbucks to wait.

The video below is our family hanging out in Starbucks, something that has become more of a habit for us now that Janell found a drink she likes there, too.

The good news is that all the paperwork is done for our visas. We have permission to stay in the country for at least another year.

Starbucks Card Rewards

Starbucks Card Rewards

I love to go to Starbucks to work, but I don’t like to pay for WiFi. All I ever buy is the brewed coffee of the day, and I like to spend a long time in the Starbucks when I go because I can get into a groove and get things done.

But I’ve been going to Panera Bread instead because they have free refills and free WiFi. But that is going to change soon.

How come I haven’t been using a Starbucks Card Rewards all summer long? I just found out that you can get a Starbucks card, register it online, and then you get all sorts of rewards.

Here are the rewards: Free refills on brewed coffee; Free WiFi; Free Beverage Customization; and Free Beverages when you buy beans.

I got a card and signed up today, and now I’m looking forward to turning Starbucks into my new office (sorry, I’m ditching Panera Bread.)

(Image by: MightyKenny on Flickr)