Blindfolded and Led Away

Blindfolded and Led Away

Today, I was blindfolded, put into public transportation, and led to unknown place. If that sounds scary, now I’ll tell you that my Seminary students were the ones who did this to me.

We had an example program today that a group of my students from my programming class had to organize, much like last week’s camping trip, which was also organized by a group of my students.

Today, the entire theme was “Guided by God.” We were divided into two groups and then blindfolded. We sat down, and someone washed our feet, gave us a backpack with needed supplies, and then led us on a trip. We left the Seminary property and crossed the giant foot bridge that is out front. Then we got into a mini-bus and were led to a place where we gave away a sandwich to a stranger. Then we got into another “combi” and were on our way back to the Seminary.

When we got back to the seminary, we were led into another room and were introduced to our “guide.” The guide was Jesus, and they led us in a time of reflection on what it means to be guided by God. It was a great lesson.

They recorded the entire trip, so I’ll put up some video soon of our experience. (UPDATE: Here’s the video)

(Photo by: B Tal on flickr)