Because you prayed

Because you prayed

Last night, I felt like I needed to write an email to those of you who have signed up for our email newsletters (if you’re not on that mailing list, you can sign up here), asking you to pray for the project we have that is finishing up in June. Many of you know that I have been traveling out of the country every January and June to take place in a very special project to train youth ministry trainers.

This is the sixth time we have organized a trip to this country, but this time we have faced many special challenges. So, I asked people to pray specifically for this initiative and the details that are going into this specific trip in June.

One of the problems was financial. We are running a little behind budget at this time, and the trip is costing us a little more than we had expected. I didn’t mention this in the email, as it was a request for prayer, not a plea for donations. In my opinion, the need is greater than just a financial need. It is a spiritual need as we have faced obstacles of all kinds.

One of the people who are on our list called the YMI president and asked him what was up with the trip. After talking about it, by faith, this family donated $500 to the project.

Later, I found out that they weren’t even sure if they would receive a paycheck this week, but that they had decided, by faith, to give to the project, regardless of their current financial situation. After they had agreed to send the check, they found out that they were getting paid, and that God was faithful to them.

Please keep praying for the trip. I know that we will be celebrating a grand victory in June, but we need your prayers to finish the project well. Thanks.

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