The Greatest Need

The Greatest Need

At the end of my class today, I asked my seminary students what they thought the greatest need was in the lives of Mexican young people. The only rule was that they couldn’t say the typical answer of “Jesus.” After thinking about it a little, they gave me great answers, all of which centered around the same theme.

Oscar said that he thought the greatest need is direction. Young people in Mexico have lots of potential, but they have little direction and guidance. They are wandering and thus get into trouble.

Chaire gave her opinion, and she said that they need love. Young people need someone to demonstrate love to them in a tangible way, because they are not receiving the right kind of love.

Huberto agreed with both Oscar and Chaire, and he said that Mexican young people need good mentors. They need someone who will invest their life in them and share with them the struggles of life. He said that many young people in the area are eager to make a difference, but they have nobody to guide them and help them accomplish their goals.

Abraham walked in for my next class, so we asked him the question. He responded by saying that he thought the biggest need in the lives of young people was someone who would take interest in them and share with them about their own life. He said they need someone who will come alongside them and be open to listen and accept them, sharing with them the struggles of life.

Isn’t this what youth ministry is all about? It’s why we are training these youth pastors at the seminary. I want to see them make an impact where there is a need. I believe they know what to do, and they are on their way to doing it in each of their ministries. They are providing direction, love, and guidance. They are great mentors and role models, and they have an incredible grasp on the needs of their students.