Five Foods to Avoid in Mexico

Five Foods to Avoid in Mexico

One of the great things about living in another country is that we get to eat authentic Mexican food anytime we want. In fact, it’s something you miss when you go back to your homeland for a while.

It’s always great to get back to enjoying some great Mexican food. We love our favorite Mexican foods and have written about them before.

But I got to thinking about some Mexican foods to avoid, so I created a list of five foods to avoid in Mexico.

  1. Pancita – cow belly. Sometimes the word “delicious” is used to describe it. I’m not sure you can use the word delicious to describe the taste of stomach.
  2. Mole – a mixture of hundreds of ingredients (there are different kinds of mole…I think I might like some of them, but most of the time, I don’t like it.)
  3. Sesos – Brains that also come in tacos. I wonder if eating them makes you smarter?
  4. Tacos de cabeza – Head tacos, with that great “head smell”.
  5. Machito – lungs, heart, etc, of a baby goat

I know that these dishes probably taste pretty good to some people, but if you’re just visiting Mexico and have a short time here, you might want to avoid them so you can enjoy your visit.

Oh, and don’t look for them on taco bell’s menu anytime soon.

(image by: Boeke on flickr)

Ten Delicious Mexican Foods

Ten Delicious Mexican Foods

Maybe I’m writing this post because it’s dinnertime and I’m hungry, or maybe just because I miss Mexican food.

Either way, I thought today I would share with you my top 10 Mexican Foods (in no particular order).

My Top 10 Mexican Foods

  1. Tacos al pastor – a typical taco you’ll find in taquerias everywhere in Mexico. It’s pork meat marinated and garnished with pineapple, onions, cilantro, and salsa.
  2. Enchiladas – Janell’s favorite Mexican food is enchiladas. She likes them with green salsa, and I like “Enchiladas Suizas”, which have cheese on them.
  3. Chilaquiles – mostly a breakfast food, it’s hardened tortillas with salsa, onions, and (sometimes) chicken.
  4. Pozole – A delicious soup with pork or chicken and hominy.
  5. Tortilla soup – tomato based soup with strips of tortillas.
  6. Alambre con queso – Janell’s favorite thing to order at the taco joint, alambre is a mixture of beef, pork, cheese, and peppers that is served on a tortilla.
  7. Arrachera – a delicious cut of beef grilled to perfection. Sometimes, they are selling this outside the grocery store where they’ll grill it up for you.
  8. Tres leche cake – Super moist and tasty cake with milk poured over it.
  9. Flan – Flan is flan. And it’s yummy.
  10. Tacos de pollo – “dorados” are delicious, hard fried tacos with chicken inside.

Hungry yet? I sure am. I post often about food. Here are some videos I’ve made about Mexican food:

A Little Mexican Snack

A Little Mexican Snack

My students came to class today with a snack. They are chapulines tostados, known in English as toasted grasshoppers.

I didn’t have it in me to try them yet, but if I ever do, you know I’ll video it because it’s more than likely that I won’t eat them more than once (even though my students suggest I’ll like them).

They come toasted, with salt, lime, and garlic on them. They can also be eaten with salsa on them (like on popcorn). I’m seeing the beginnings of a cool youth group game…maybe “Chubby Chapuline” or “Fear Factor.”

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