St. Patrick the Missionary

St. Patrick the Missionary

Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. He lived from 415 to the 470s (his death date is disputed), and he was a missionary who often referred to himself as a sinner. He had an enormous impact on both Ireland and the rest of Europe.

He was an evangelist who also worked to abolish slavery. In Patrick’s lifetime, the Irish slave trade ended.

An interesting fact about Patrick is that he never thought of himself as worthy or intelligent enough to minister. He was a humble man who was used by God.

The legend that is St. Patrick and the facts about his life have become mixed over the years, but there is no doubt about his missionary influence on Ireland. He was also an inspiration to many missionaries who followed him.

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Patrick also became the model for later Celtic Christians. He engaged in continuous prayer. He was enraptured by God and loved sacred Scripture. He also had a rich poetic imagination with the openness to hear God in dreams and visions and a love of nature. Hundreds of Celtic monks, in emulation of Patrick, left their homeland to spread the gospel to Scotland, England, and continental Europe.