15 Must See Places in Mexico City

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve got a new header on our blog that has 15 Mexico City icons on it (Click here to view the image). They are images of important things that define Mexico City. If you ever visit Mexico City, you have to see these monuments, people, and other things that represent Mexico City.

15 Things You Must See in Mexico City


  1. Mexican Flag (La Bandera Mexicana) – especially the giant flag in the zocalo, Mexico City’s main square.
  2. Fine Arts Palace (Palacio de Bellas Artes) – if you get a chance, watch the folkloric ballet in the auditorium.
  3. Mariachi Band (Los Mariachis) – you can find them in different places, but the most famous plaza for mariachis is Garibaldi Square.
  4. The Angel of Independence (El Angel de la Independencia) – this monument has been a symbol of Mexico City for a long time. You can find it on Reforma Blvd, one of the main roads that goes through the city.
  5. Metropolitan Cathedral (Catedral Metropolitana) – the main cathedral in the country is located in the zocalo, too.
  6. Organ Grinder – these guys can usually be found in front of the Fine Arts Palace and in the zocalo in front of the cathedral. (click to view a video of an organ grinder)
  7. Torre Mayor – the tallest building in Mexico City, offering great views from the lookout high above the city.
  8. The Little Horse (El Caballito) – a landmark on Reforma, this sculpture looks like a yellow horse head.
  9. Latin American Tower – located across the street from the Fine Arts Palace, this tower has a lookout on top offering you great views of the city. (click to see video from the Latin American tower)
  10. World Trade Center – a popular place for expos and conferences.
  11. Monument to the Revolution – this monument is to honor the Mexican Revolution. It is a huge monument situated in a fairly large square.
  12. Basilica of Guadalupe – the second most visited Catholic site in the world (second only to the Vatican) is considered the most sacred place in all of Mexico. (click here for video of the Basilica)
  13. Monument to Benito Juarez – this monument sits right out in front of Alameda, Mexico City’s central park, and serves as a monument to one of the most important figures in Mexican history.
  14. Green Taxis – you’ll see these little green Volkswagen beetles everywhere (vochos).
  15. Airplanes – planes are constantly flying overhead due to the location and constant traffic flow of the international airport. (click here for video of the landing in Mexico City)

These things define Mexico City and make it what it is.