Imo’s Pizza in St. Louis

I didn't even know that St. Louis has it's own style of pizza until tonight.

Since it's about 29 degrees outside and I'm exhausted, I decided to just order some local food from a place called Imo's pizza.

St. Louis style pizza is super thin, almost like a cracker, and it has a different kind of cheese on it than regular pizza. I think the cheese is called Provel. It's tangy but good.

Overall, I liked it. Plus, they delivered it right to my hotel room.

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Do You Like Mexican Food?

People always ask us if we like Mexican food. The answer is, “Of course!” We don’t go out to eat very much, but we’ve had some great Mexican food this week.

Tonight we ordered “tacos al pastor”. We got 10 of them for 60 pesos. They were delicious, with marinated pork, onions, pineapple, and cilantro. They are so good. I’ve heard people say that the best tacos in Mexico are in Mexico City.

Earlier this week, we were out and I was hungry. So we stopped at a little place and ate some food. I ate a gordita, and Janell ate a huarache. A gordita is like a stuffed tortilla. A huarache is a huge flat corn tortilla with lettuce, cheese, onions, and meat on it. We are lucky to live in Mexico!

Better than taco bell (by FAR)...for around $5 A quick snack

Ten Delicious Mexican Foods

Ten Delicious Mexican Foods

Maybe I’m writing this post because it’s dinnertime and I’m hungry, or maybe just because I miss Mexican food.

Either way, I thought today I would share with you my top 10 Mexican Foods (in no particular order).

My Top 10 Mexican Foods

  1. Tacos al pastor – a typical taco you’ll find in taquerias everywhere in Mexico. It’s pork meat marinated and garnished with pineapple, onions, cilantro, and salsa.
  2. Enchiladas – Janell’s favorite Mexican food is enchiladas. She likes them with green salsa, and I like “Enchiladas Suizas”, which have cheese on them.
  3. Chilaquiles – mostly a breakfast food, it’s hardened tortillas with salsa, onions, and (sometimes) chicken.
  4. Pozole – A delicious soup with pork or chicken and hominy.
  5. Tortilla soup – tomato based soup with strips of tortillas.
  6. Alambre con queso – Janell’s favorite thing to order at the taco joint, alambre is a mixture of beef, pork, cheese, and peppers that is served on a tortilla.
  7. Arrachera – a delicious cut of beef grilled to perfection. Sometimes, they are selling this outside the grocery store where they’ll grill it up for you.
  8. Tres leche cake – Super moist and tasty cake with milk poured over it.
  9. Flan – Flan is flan. And it’s yummy.
  10. Tacos de pollo – “dorados” are delicious, hard fried tacos with chicken inside.

Hungry yet? I sure am. I post often about food. Here are some videos I’ve made about Mexican food:

Churrería El Moro

Churrería El Moro

If you’re looking for a great place to visit in Mexico City, and you’ve got a sweet tooth, you should definitely check out Churrería El Moro in downtown Mexico City. It’s on Lazaro Cardenas, also known as Eje Central, and the place is full of history.

It was established in 1935, and they sell churros and chocolate. In case you didn’t know, chocolate is from Mexico. So, the chocolate at El Moro is world famous. And the churros are delicious, too. They cost 3 pesos each, which is a great price for such a delicious snack. You can get a combo of chocolate and churros for a little more than 40 pesos.

So, if you’re visiting Mexico City, you should definitely take some time to go to Churrería El Moro.

Check out the video of churros being made.