Ben’s Doctor, Hope, and President Obama

Yesterday, we took Benjamin to the doctor for his usual checkup. While we were there, the conversation turned interesting.

The doctor asked us about President Obama, the stock market, and the global economy. He asked what was going on with Obama. I replied, “I think a lot of people put their hope in him and are not seeing the results they had hoped for.” I was trying to not get into the politics of the conversation and tried to give a simple answer. I said that I didn’t see an easy answer to the economic problems. He responded, “Oh, no. Don’t tell me that.” I had to respond with something, so I said the first thing that comes to my mind.

I said, “But it’s a good thing we don’t put our hope in a President, we put our hope in God.” I left it at that. He understood what I said, and I’m hoping someday to be able to continue the conversation with him.

It was a little glimpse of testimony and confidence in something other than the President of the United States or in the rebounding of the economy. My God is bigger than both of those things, and He is in control.

By the way, Ben is healthy. He weighs 23 pounds and is 28 inches long. He got some shots, but he’s fine.

Who Do You Hate?

I thought this video was thought provoking, especially his question asking how much do you have to hate a person to not tell them what you believe.

What do you think?

Real Estate and Evangelism

Real Estate and Evangelism

I was sitting in Starbucks this morning, waiting for them to brew my coffee of the day, and I was approached by two women who handed me a flier about some apartments that are being constructed somewhere in the area.

I took the flier to be nice, and they asked me if I happened to be looking. I said, “No,” with a smile, and they said a few other things and left. Then I got to thinking about a few things.

The first thing was their boldness. They weren’t afraid of my reaction to them. They just gave me the flyer. They weren’t sure if I was interested in buying an apartment or not. They just tried to sell it to me.

The second thing I thought about has to do with being ready and my regret for not being ready. I sure wish I had something to give them about the “business” I’m in. I didn’t have anything that I could give back to them to ask if they were interested in something much more important than an apartment.

You better be sure that in the future, I’ll try to be more bold and be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in me.

(Photo by: thinkpanama on flickr)