Home Alone

Home Alone

Yesterday Janell and the boys went to Florida to visit our family, so I’m home alone for a few weeks. I was supposed to go to Cuba during this time, but I had issues with my passport so I couldn’t get the visa in time. So, I’m home alone.

It’s okay, though, because I have plenty of work to do. The school year just ended, and I’ve got tons of projects going on. We’re planning a National Youth Workers Conference for November, so there are details for that. Our diploma course has 2 weeks left in the school year. We’ve got graduation coming up. I’ve got papers to grade. I’m working hard on our Spanish youth ministry website. Oh, and I’m taking a distance course for my Master’s degree.

So, needless to say, I’ll be missing my family but very busy. Plus I’ll have to scavenge for food while Janell’s not here. It’s so hard to be alone.

Here’s a video I made the last time I was home alone:

(photo by: cayusa)

I’m Gonna Change My Name


For some reason, yesterday at Popeyes, they asked me for my name. Actually, I know why they asked. It was because they took 20 minutes to fill my order even though we were some of the only ones in the restaurant.

Anyway, they asked me my name, and I told them Dennis, with the best pronunciation I could. Dennis isn’t a very popular name in Mexico. Denise is a girl’s name, so they always look at me funny when I tell them my name.

As you can see from the picture, the girl didn’t understand me and put “Tenes.” I guess that’s close. I think I’m going to change my name to to Juan Gonzalez.