The Body of Christ and the Seminary

The Body of Christ and the Seminary

Never before have I thought of the Seminary as the body of Christ as today. With the recent scare in Mexico City, we have been out of classes for a week. Many of the students left the city.

As we returned to the campus yesterday and today, there are signs up all over telling us to be sure to wash dirty clothes, wash our hands, wear masks, etc. Why? Well, because we are one body.

If one of us gets sick, we will all get sick. We must all take care of each other, doing our part to be clean. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we will affect others. I can only imagine the chaos that would take place at the Seminary if one person came down with the flu. This many people living in close quarters and sharing everything would cause our own little epidemic.

It’s the same way with the body of Christ. If one of us fails, we all fail. If one of us has success, we all have success. Let’s take care of each other.

(image by: bemky on flickr)