Blog Day 2008

Blog Day 2008Today is Blog Day, a day when bloggers are encouraged to recommend five other blogs.

The rules are simple: Find 5 new blogs you find interesting, notify the bloggers that you are recommending them, write a description and link to the new blogs, post the blog day post, and tag it and link to the Blog Day website.

I decided to link to five other blogs written by missionaries.

  • Finding Direction – Our friends the Cottrills recently finished language school and are now living in Ixtapaluca, Mexico. They blog about their daily life as missionaries in Mexico.
  • Between Diapers and Dishes – Michelle and her family are ministering to the deaf in Ensenada, Mexico. She writes about life as a mom living and ministering in Mexico.
  • Pura Vida – Greg and Jan Millsaps live in El Carmen, Mexico. I recently discovered their blog and enjoy their writing style.
  • Mexico Adventures – Jon and Nicolle are interns with Youth Ministry International, working with Huberto Perez, our friend and first graduate in youth ministry from the Mexican Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • Mexico Mitchells – The Mitchells have five daughters and are living and ministering in Mexico City. There blog is very informative.

Here are two bonus blogs for Blog Day:

  • Blue Passport – A blog by Richard Lewis, ministering in India. Dr. Lewis was a professor of ours at cross-cultural training school (CIT).
  • Reaching and Teaching – the blog of Dr. Sills, a missions professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Sills is helping our seminary in Mexico begin a missions program, and he helped with the training in Cuba.
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25 Great Youth Ministry Blogs

25 Great Youth Ministry Blogs

Besides writing here and at my own youth ministry site (, I read a lot of blogs. Many of them have to do with youth ministry. Since I don’t have a blogroll on this site, I thought I’d post links to the 25 youth ministry blogs I have in my feed reader that I read.

  1. Life in Student Ministry
  2. Adam McClane
  3. Morethandodgeball
  4. Ninety Seven Three…the Stat
  5. Tony Sheng
  6. Amusing Thoughts
  7. Patti Gibbons
  8. Sara Eden
  9. College transition Initiative
  10. Bumbling Forward
  11. Kurt Johnston
  12. Deep Thoughts by Gman
  13. Following Him
  14. Greg Stier
  15. The End is Forever
  16. Kingsley Klan
  17. Kupferer family and Reflection Ministry
  18. Matthew McNutt
  20. Serial Youth Pastor
  21. The Adventures of the Timmons
  22. Tim Davies
  23. YSMarko
  25. 100 or more

If you’re not on the list, no worries, post your link in the comments. I’m always looking new sites to read. Please, go ahead, I’d love to visit your blog.

Great Reads for March 7

Great Reads for March 7

Last week I started a series called “Great Reads.” I’m going to try to give you a glimpse of what I am reading online. Anyway, here are this week’s “great reads.”

A Student Ministry Catalyst’s Guide to TED 2008: Tony shares some insight for leaders from some of the TED talks this year.

1,000 True Fans: The key to selling music, videos, and other types of art in today’s marketplace.

The Cost of Raising Children: With child number 2 on the way, this post came at an inopportune time for me. Yikes!

Free is the Future: A post on how to give away stuff and be successful.

Great Reads for February 29

Great Reads for February 29

I’m going to try to start letting you know what I have been reading during the week. Maybe every Friday, I’ll post some interesting links from the week that I think make great reading.

So here it goes. Here are 5 posts I found interesting this week.

The Web 2.0 Pastor – Facebook and Status Updates: How can Facebook status updates and Twitter really help me get to know someone?

Blue Passport: Missionary Training: What did Darrell Whitman find when he surveyed several missions organizations about their strategy for missionary training?

DIY Creations & Homemade Wrinkle Release Tips: If you travel a lot, these tips are great for keeping your clothes wrinkle-free.

Why Some Speakers are Paid $10,000 for just a 40 minute speech: A great tip for improving your public speaking skills.

Adam’s Rules for Blogging: If you blog or are thinking about starting to blog, take a look at these rules for blogging.