Birthday Cake

Here’s a quick glimpse of our family birthday time. Janell made a carrot cake (delicious). Nathan helped me blow out the candles, and Ben watched it all (Recorded in photo booth).

Benjamin’s First Birthday

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since Benjamin was born! He’s grown so much in a year. We don’t have a huge plan for his first birthday since Janell was just in Florida. They had a combined celebration for Nathan and Benjamin while they were there.

We will eat cake, play a lot, and have lots of fun as a family. In the meantime, here are two videos from Ben’s first day.

Nathan turns Four Years Old

Nathan turns Four Years Old

Last Saturday was Nathan’s birthday. I can’t believe it has been four years since he was born. He sure has changed a lot over the years.

We made him a birthday cake and put Bob from the movie Monsters vs. Aliens on it. We made Bob out of cupcakes. When he saw it, he said he thought we were going to put a flat one (just a drawing) on the cake, and he laid down on the floor to demonstrate what he meant.

He was happy with the cake, though.

I tried to stream live when we were blowing out candles and singing happy birthday to him, but the internet here didn’t want to cooperate. I have some video from before we sang and blew out the candles.

And these pictures from our family birthday party:

Nathan's 4th birthday Bob from Monsters vs Aliens
Nathan is 4 Hammock swing

Due to the Swine Flu pandemic, we postponed his other birthday party that was scheduled for tomorrow.

Janell wrote that he was four on her facebook status, and I commented: “Four incredible years with my little buddy. Nathan you are definitely one of my best friends in the whole world.” It is definitely true. These have been four great years.

My 32nd Birthday

My 32nd Birthday

I celebrated my birthday on Wednesday. It was a good day. I went with some students to Starbucks (for a class), and they got me a cake. I spent a lot of the day working, and then at night, we went over to some missionary friends’ house for dinner.

Overall, it was a great day. Oh…and I got an iphone. It’s a 1st generation, but it was a great price. Basically, I’m going to be able to sell my old phone and make up most of the difference with that. I have such a great wife that would let me get it despite all the nagging I had been doing about wanting one.

The best gift I got for my birthday, though, was the card that Nathan made me. He painted Mickey Mouse on some construction paper, traced his hand print, and wrote the first three letters of his name. I loved it! He also cut out a heart and taped it onto the card. I love that kid.

Last night, we spent some time with Jon and Nicolle. It was Jon’s birthday on Wednesday, too, so we celebrated both of our birthdays last night, too.

I love October!

VIDEO: A New Bike

For his birthday, we got Nathan a tricycle. So, we went up to the seminary and he rode it around the basketball court. Here’s a short video of it.