taxisTraffic will be the death of me. Either that, or it will be the thing that makes me leave Mexico. There’s never a direct route to get anywhere. You can’t watch for signs and stay out of the way of taxis, other cars, busses, and pedestrians all at the same time. Most of the time, you cannot turn left. You are forced to take 3 right turns in order to get where you need to go when one left turn would have been plenty.

Traffic is my number one sermon illustration. If I’m speaking on anger, I use traffic as an example. If I’m speaking on being nice to others, I use traffic as an example. If I’m speaking on just about anything, I can use traffic. It is my biggest gripe about Mexico City. I don’t understand the roads. I don’t understand the “rules.”

Today we went to the World Trade Center. It was a fun day. Except for, you guessed it, the traffic, or the traveling to and from. Anyway, if you want to pray for me. Pray for my patience and calmness in traffic! Seriously. Please.