While I was out of town, I had some awesome coffee between sessions (and sometimes in sessions of class). My students and I enjoyed some strong espresso coffee, and one of the families I stayed with showed me how they made their coffee. So, for Father’s Day, I decided I wanted an espresso machine and the exact type of coffee. I found one in Target, but it was too expensive, so we looked for another in Ross. We found it, and the coffee I have been making tastes just like the coffee in Santiago. It’s great. I love how tastes can remind you of people and places. Everytime I drink it, I think about and pray for what God is doing in the lives of my students in that far off place. It’s a great Father’s Day gift.

We spent the day with Janell’s dad and family. Also, we went to Carvel with my mom and grandma, and we topped the night off with a date night to see the movie Cars. The movie was pretty good, and the day was perfect. Nathan was so good, and I got to go in the pool with him again. I’ll post a picture later of us on Father’s Day. I love being a dad.