Using Your Talents for the Kingdom

I believe that God gave us all individual talents and abilities and that all of those talents and abilities can be used to further His mission of making a people for Himself. God has placed interests in each one of us, and if we choose to use those interests to bring people closer to Jesus, we will be fulfilling our purpose on earth.

And it doesn’t just have to be a ministry that is recognized at church. I’m talking about skateboarding, baking, playing sports, making videos, creating content, painting, and all sorts of other things.

How Should Christians Relate to Each Other?

Jesus clearly desired for unity and love to be on display in the lives of His disciples. He prayed that they would be one. He gave them a new commandment to love one another. He even told them that their love for each other would be a defining factor in showing that they were His disciples.

The unity and love of His disciples was something that was incredibly important to Jesus.

Paul takes that idea and describes it in vivid detail in Colossians 3. The love that people have for God will manifest itself in the way they relate to other believers. Here’s a summary of the sermon I preached about this topic. I hope it encourages you to love others and live in unity with them.

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Paul’s Sermon on Mars Hill

I preached at church yesterday about how Paul interacted with the culture in Athens in Acts 17.

Here’s a summary video from my sermon:

If you’d like to watch the whole thing, check it out on Vimeo by clicking here.

Also, I made a video about the story behind the “Unknown God” part of the Acts 17 narrative. I’d love for you to check that out on YouTube.

Unlikely Visitors at the First Christmas

We’ve heard the Christmas story so much that we sometimes miss how much it applies to our lives.

In this Sunday Summary we talk about how the shepherds are a lot like us.

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A Not-So-Magical Christmas

Christmas is not always as magical as the songs and movies make it out to be. The first Christmas wasn’t as glorious for Mary as we usually think, either. But God, as usual, showed up, to remind her and us of something important.

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Jesus is a Serpent Killer

I’ve started a new series of videos on my YouTube channel where I’m going to give a summary (or snippet) of some of what happens in our church on Sunday. Some weeks it will be a summary of Pastor Josh’s sermon. Other weeks it will be a summary of my talk for FUSION.

This first episode is from the first week of our Christmas series called “Operation Christmas Child.” Josh talks about how Jesus is the seed of Eve that crushes the serpent.