Documenting Life with Photos

It’s already almost the end of January! Remember that one of my three words for 2012 was “document”? I’m trying to get in the habit of documenting a lot of things. I’ve been using Nike+ to document my attempts to get regular exercise. I’ve been using a Youversion Bible reading plan to document my Bible reading.

I’ve also been taking tons of pictures to document what’s happening with our adventures here in Mexico. I try to post a picture everyday to a Flickr set that I’m calling my “Daily Summary.” It’s usually a collage of a few pictures that will remind me someday when I can’t remember much anymore about what happened in 2012.

I’m going to try to get those pictures out of the digital only world and put them in a photo book. Janell has written on about an incredible deal on photo books that is about to be up. You can get a free one and just pay shipping. Here’s the link if you’re interested in checking it out. We’ve printed them before and they turn out great.

How are you doing with your resolutions? Or your three words? I’d love to hear. Post an update in the comments.

2008 Photo Mosaic

Click to enlarge

Happy 2009! We’ve been traveling the last few days, so we didn’t have a chance to post this. Above is a mosaic we made of some of our favorite pictures from 2008. You can click it to enlarge it or view it on flickr.

We included this mosaic in our Christmas newsletter. If you don’t get our newsletter and would like to, please contact us. Either leave a comment on this post or go to our sign up page.

Getting our Visas

Old skool cameraYesterday we spent the day downtown with our lawyer to get our visas. The process is a little different this year because we are renewing them completely since we’ve been her 5 years now. We renew them every year, but we only have to get new pictures and sign more papers every 5 years.

We went to this little place to get our pictures taken and to get the official paperwork filled out. The camera they use to take those pictures is really old.

Uploaded - 114�8We had to get a front shot and a profile shot for each of us. Ben’s turned out great. Nathan didn’t want to take a picture. Mine and Janell’s make us look pretty mean, too.

Our lawyer had to hang around for a little while to get a paper for someone else, so we went to Starbucks to wait.

The video below is our family hanging out in Starbucks, something that has become more of a habit for us now that Janell found a drink she likes there, too.

The good news is that all the paperwork is done for our visas. We have permission to stay in the country for at least another year.

International CYM Trip 2007

Here are some pictures from the International CYM Trip from the Spring of 2007. You can click on a picture to view a larger version of it.