I hadn’t seen this commercial last night during the post-game show of the Super Bowl, but my friend showed it to me today on Youtube. It’s great.

The game was great, with the Giants taking the lead for good with 35 seconds left.

Miami Dolphins

Dolphin Jersey 10

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We bought Nathan his first Miami Dolphins jersey yesterday. So, we both wore our jerseys today for game day. Unfortunately, Miami lost again.

Oh well, like always, there’s always next week (or next year). Maybe they’ll win another Super Bowl in Nathan’s lifetime.

UPDATE: Check out the video here.

Football Season

The Dolphins might have lost to the Bucs in preseason last Saturday night, but they executed an awesome trick play to score a touchdown. Watch the video.

The sweet smell of victory

It may only be pre-season, but it always makes me feel good when the Dolphins beat the Bucs. Living in Tampa Bay as a Miami Dolphins fan has always been frustrating, because the Tampa press doesn’t talk about anything but Tampa Bay’s football team. It’s as if there are no other teams in the state. So, when Miami comes “to town” and beats the Bucs, it’s great for those of us who are Dolphins’ fans.

I’m pretty psyched about football season. We’ve got NFL Sunday ticket this year, so we’ll get to watch tons of games. It’s gonna be fun.